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Provides Relief.

Proven to provide relief when experiencing raised body temperatures caused by periods and, relieves the discomfort of other medical ailments where your body temperature rises such as Eczema, hot flushes and many more!

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Keeps You Cool.

Designed to lower your body temperature. Whether that's for medical reasons or simply just to avoid the hot summer nights!

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Made to be a portable so you can take it with you wherever you go to always stay cool and comfortable!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will delivery take?

3- 5 working days typically. For more information, please view this page for all delivery options

How long will it stay cool?

KOOLi has the capability to keep you cool for an extended duration,
typically up to two days, without the need to change the water. However,
the effectiveness may vary based on your individual body type. As you
adapt to the cooling impact of KOOLi, you may choose to refresh the
cold water periodically or discover that the temperature inside the bottle
aligns perfectly with your preferences.

What are some of the key benefits?

KOOLi offers a multitude of benefits beyond providing relief from the
heat. It proves beneficial for individuals experiencing heightened body
temperature, whether due to anxiety, stress, or conditions such as
Psoriasis or eczema. Placing KOOLi on areas with heated flare-ups can
significantly alleviate irritation by reducing body heat.
Moreover, KOOLi serves as a quick and effective cooling solution during
elevated body temperatures associated with the menstrual cycle. It
supports women experiencing Menopause by providing relief when hot
flushes occur.
KOOLi extends its support to individuals dealing with Carpal Tunnel
Syndrome (CTS) on their wrists. Specifically designed for this purpose,
KOOLi offers soothing relief by holding onto each corner, making it an
excellent solution for instances when wrists feel like they are burning
from extended mobile phone use.
The benefits of KOOLi are limitless—simply place it against the skin on
any part of the body and experience instant cooling.

Is it safe during pregnancy?

KOOLi is safe to use during pregnancy. Due to the flexibility of water
temperature, you are able to use cool water at a temperature that is
comfortable for you, not too cold or freezing. Having this option means
that its a perfect companion for when you are feeling the heat during
pregnancy or after giving birth.