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KOOLi® Bottle

KOOLi® Bottle

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🌟Introducing KOOLi®, the world's FIRST cold water bottle! 🥶 With its specially designed rubber for comfort, you can stay cool all night long. Plus, it helps lower your body temperature which helps during those hot flushes for those experiencing Menopause but also helps provide cold therapy during Menstruation.

Get yours today and beat the heat! 💦

✨ Guarantees comfort through unique design
✨ Designed to be portable to help you keep cool wherever you are
✨ Eco-Friendly and Reusable (we like to take care of the planet)



KOOLi is made from super soft natural rubber and was specifically designed to feel comfortable against the skin.

How to use

1) Unscrew you KOOLi
2) Pour in your cold water or crushed ice
3) Pour between half way or three quarters full allowing space at the top the bottle
4) Depress slightly to allow excess air out ensuring the bag stays flexible
5) Screw the lid tight to ensure there are no leaks
6) Enjoy cooling down with KOOLi

Delivery & Returns

Our standard delivery option is between 3-5 business days and we offer free returns to keep it hassle-free!

  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • Planet Friendly
  • Relieves Pain
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We're unique AND...

Not Afraid To Tell You Why

Goes beyond keeping you cool

KOOLi offers a multitude of benefits beyond providing relief from the
heat. It proves beneficial for individuals experiencing heightened body temperature, whether due to anxiety, stress, or conditions such as; Psoriasis or eczema. Placing KOOLi on areas with heated flare-ups can significantly alleviate irritation by reducing body heat.

Moreover, KOOLi serves as a quick and effective cooling solution during elevated body temperatures associated with the menstrual cycle. It supports women experiencing Menopause by providing relief when hot
flushes occur.

KOOLi extends its support to individuals dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) on their wrists. Specifically designed for this purpose, KOOLi offers soothing relief by holding onto each corner, making it an excellent solution for instances when wrists feel like they are burning from extended mobile phone use.

The benefits of KOOLi are limitless—simply place it against the skin on
any part of the body and experience instant cooling.

Easy to use

It's simple really, unbox your KOOLi, fill with either crushed ice or cold water, wipe away any excess water from the bottle and enjoy being cool!

Gentle on skin

Made with specifically designed rubber to protect your skin when in direct contact


Designed for comfort and to be hugged! The contoured design allows for it to rest between the contours of your body for maximum comfort

See it in action.

Unbox, Fill, Enjoy.

  • Zoe Adamson

    I took this travelling with me across Europe as I was staying in hostels with no air con, it was so nice to have it to help me sleep!

    Date of review: 25 August 2023

  • Estee Stedman-Lynch

    This is so useful! You don’t know you need one until you have one. It’s been a god send during the summer heat and I’ll be taking my KOOLi on holiday for sure.

    Date of review: 22 July 2023

  • Candice Tierney

    I couldn't see how the Kooli would work at first but so glad I purchased these for my sons, they work a treat.
    Brilliant idea, wish we had them in our lives sooner! Now we can't live without them in our house.

    Date of review: 01 August 2023

  • Bianca Alexander

    What an amazing product! Such a simple yet incredibly effective idea it makes you wonder why it's not already a standard item in the home. I don't know how I would have gotten through the hot summer we have just had without my Kooli. I take it to bed with me most nights. I was worried that it may be too cold to touch the bottle at first, but it is not the case at all. I even recently took it on holiday with me to Greece, and I'm so glad I did. It took sunbathing to a whole new level! I've bought Kooli for my boys too now and they love it.

    Date of review: 22 August 2023

  • Aziza F.

    This product is a lifesaver!!!!

    I find it difficult to keep cool at night especially in the summer due to the hot weather. I used to keep my windows open at night which wasn’t always ideal. I could not imagine that this small addition to my bedtime routine would make such a BIG impact on my daily routine.

    I definitely recommend this to people who struggle with hot sweats, insomnia or generally keeping cool during the night!

    Date of review: 10 August 2023

  • Halima Paracha

    Bought kooli few weeks ago honestly what a amazing concept and product. I’m always feeling hot at work and it really cools me down and the coolness really last for hours. I love it!! I would honestly suggest this product to everyone

    Date of review: 24 July 2023